LINDA JEANNE JONES JEWELLERY Collections, Jewellery by independent studio jeweller Linda Jeanne Jones to celebrate 25 years of designing & making using precious metals & other materials, Liverpool.





Colour Mapping / Saturday 18th November 2017 – Saturday 13th January 2018

Colour Mapping Exhibition at Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool

Colour Mapping Exhibition
at Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool

This exhibition continues our tradition of print and jewellery over the festive season.

For 2017/18 our featured printmaker will be Colin Moore.  Colin is a painter and printmaker from the Clyde coast of Scotland who is now based in Dorset.  His bold, dynamic style displays the beauty of the British countryside and coastline.

Eleven jewellers have been invited to exhibit pieces that complement the strong lines and colours of Colin’s work. They are: Rachel BrownJane DzisiewskiTrevor ForresterLinda Jeanne JonesHila KarniEmily KidsonNicola RawlingsDot Sim, Su TrindleCharlotte Whitmore and Anthony Wong

My New Jewellery with Pauline Hughes Ceramics 

Scandi   Collection  2014




This Collection developed out of a commission for a necklace which is the first item shown above.  The pieces are made in silver with a high polish,  some with contrasting  brushed and dark oxidised  finish.


Hothouse  Exhibition Collection  2009



These pieces are from an exhibition held at the Bluecoat Display Centre called Hothouse  from December 2009 to January 2010.  They have since influenced many designs with the “leaf” motif.

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