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Jewellery by independent studio jeweller Linda Jeanne Jones to celebrate 30 years of designing & making using

This website celebrates my 30 year career as an independent jeweller in north west England.  Linda Jeanne Jones

Creating the site has given me time to reflect on what has inspired and influenced me during these years.  I have looked through numerous sketch books and photographs and this has brought back happy memories of clients, colleagues and jewellery events. Linda Jeanne Jones

Commissions have been a large part of my work and I have enjoyed the two-way process involved  in getting to know the wearer before arriving at a design.  These people have put their trust in me and some have become friends.    I have also enjoyed being challenged and excited by designing for exhibitions with a particular theme. Examples of these pieces are on the Collections pages.  Other gallery pages show pieces from my own design sources, arrived at through inspiration as varied as academic research,  drawings in holiday journals, urban, countryside and beach walks. Linda Jeanne Jones

This selection of images should give you a flavour of my work and I would like to hear from you if you have been a customer of mine and are able tell me something about how you and your jewellery have got along together!

You can also purchase my Jewellery from Bluecoat Display Centre.

Liverpool, 2021

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